Soundtrack Trivia - Party Game for Movie Lovers
Soundtrack Trivia

Soundtrack Trivia

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Soundtrack Trivia is a board game that challenges players to guess the movie based on music from its soundtrack. From classic films to modern blockbusters, Soundtrack Trivia can be enjoyed by people of all ages instilling a sense of movie nostalgia while enjoying music and time with family and friends.

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Fun For All Ages

A fun party game for family and friends. With hours of fun, excitement and memorable moments, even kids will love it!

Feels Fresh Play After Play

You will always be challenged with thousands of hints included from a variety of movie titles which exponentially increases the trivia combinations.

Play Your Way

The movie ratings, genres and decades of movie questions are entirely selectable. Expansion packs will also be available, so you won’t need to buy a new game just to get more movie titles.

How To Play

Your objective is to guess the movie based on music hints from the soundtrack!

1 - Listen to Song

Listen to Song

We play you a 15-second song hint!

2 - Use Cut Cards

Use "Cut" Cards

Use your card to get additional clues!

3 - Guess the Movie

Guess the Movie

Guess movie and advance around board!

View Game Guide

Want to learn more about Soundtrack Trivia? Check out our game guide!


With a companion app or web version, you can play the game on any device!

Yes, Soundtrack Trivia is kid and family-friendly! If a child is selected when setting up a new game, our app will automatically adjust the settings to a kid-friendly game. You then have the option of modifying those settings as you see fit.

Yes, when setting up a new game you will be presented with "Game Settings". On the main "Settings" screen you will find settings for "Movie Ratings", "Game Timers," and "Instruction Screens." If you click on "Advanced Settings" you will be able to change the "Movie Genres" as well as select the "Year Range" of movies.

Yes, we have a "Team Mode" which allows you to play as teams. We also have the ability for you to play as teams within the "Multiplayer" mode. For example, if you have 4 players and 2 players want to play by themselves, and the 2 other players want to play as a team you can do this by selecting the same order of play for the 2 players who want to play as a team. A prompt will appear asking you to create a team name.