Soundtrack Trivia is a Blockbuster Success on Kickstarter and Crushes Goal!

Soundtrack Trivia is a Blockbuster Success on Kickstarter and Crushes Goal!

Calling all cinephiles and music buffs! We're thrilled to announce the triumphant debut of Soundtrack Trivia on Kickstarter! Thanks to the incredible support of 1,296 amazing backers, we soared past our funding goal, raising a whopping $74,812.00 in just 30 days!

Your passion for movie magic and earworm melodies fuels our excitement. We can't wait to deliver this unique party game straight to your living rooms, game nights, and family gatherings.

But what exactly is Soundtrack Trivia?

Imagine the thrill of recognizing a movie instantly, just by a few bars of its iconic theme song. That's the magic of Soundtrack Trivia! This engaging game challenges you to identify films based on carefully curated audio clips from their soundtracks. Dust off your movie knowledge, test your musical memory, and prepare for some toe-tapping, finger-snapping fun!

What's next?

With funding secured, we're now focusing on bringing Soundtrack Trivia to life. Manufacturing starts in October, and by March 2024, the game will be delivered to the eager hands of our fantastic backers. Get ready to unleash your inner movie maestro and compete with friends and family for soundtrack supremacy!

We're incredibly grateful for every pledge, share, and encouraging comment. You've shown us that the love for movies and music truly unites us. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we embark on this journey to create an unforgettable game night experience.

In the meantime, keep humming those movie tunes!

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Thanks again for making Soundtrack Trivia a reality! We can't wait to share the experience with you soon!