Calling All Movie Buffs: Soundtrack Trivia is now on Kickstarter!

Calling All Movie Buffs: Soundtrack Trivia is now on Kickstarter!

Are you a movie enthusiast constantly humming those iconic soundtracks or whistling cinematic themes? Do you find yourself guessing which film a song is from the second you hear the opening notes? Then Game Night Media has the ultimate game for you called Soundtrack Trivia that is now available on Kickstarter!

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps passionate creators bring their ideas to life. It allows people like us to share our project with a global community ahead of time and receive pledges from supporters who want to see it become a reality. We chose Kickstarter to launch our board game because it offers a direct connection to potential players, gathers essential feedback on our game during development, and builds excitement for the game's release. Plus, it enables us to offer exciting rewards to our early backers who believe in our project.

What is Soundtrack Trivia?

Soundtrack Trivia is a party game for movie lovers of all ages. Test your knowledge of film scores and soundtracks as you race to identify movies based on short song clips. 

Perfect for Every Movie Fan

Soundtrack Trivia caters to all ages (8+) and skill levels, making it a fantastic choice for family gatherings, friendly get-togethers, or even a solo challenge. It takes roughly 45-90 minutes to play, ensuring your game night is filled with excitement and nostalgia.

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